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Prince Harry’s sudden openness and blatant declaration of his reasoning for his interest in marriage has startled the world of royal watchers due to the incredible bluntness and unnerving utilitarian reasoning behind his sudden interest in matrimony. The prince has been known to be a happy single young prince, whose happy go lucky personality has gotten him into serious trouble with the public (and in some cases the royal family) and since his recent tours of duty in the Middle East, has started to settle into a far more formal and less rebellious member of the royal family. Prince Harry’s tour of Jamaica on behalf of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee and his 2013 tour of Australia has shown the prince to be entirely scandal free and his very stiff necked behavior has shown the prince to be far more conservative than his more laid back elder brother.


The reasons for the interest of the prince to get married and settle down with a family are far more pragmatic than just for the reason of having a family of his own to come home to. Instead of having a gracious cosmopolitan consort to squire to world events and appearances on behalf of the Crown, or the endless society events that the Duchess of Cambridge revels in, but in fact for the sake of his military career. Harry believes that a wife will enhance and promote his military career and enable him to be able to gain promotion. A military wife is one filled with instability and uncertainty, but there are additional duties that the prince would require of his wife. While Harry will not likely engage in any more active combat, the wife of a ranking officer includes many duties to support troubled and anxious wives, live in base, and build a real social life for the other wives of officers. It was once believed that the Duchess Catherine herself would end up doing such activities, but her return to a cosmopolitan social life in London put paid to such plans and it’s believed that it hindered William’s credibility as a dedicated officer in the SAR branch of the military and undermined his sincere desire to advance via merit and not just rank as a royal prince.


Officers who are married are often given more leeway and are given special benefits and consideration. Family men in the military are seen as more grounded, more disciplined, and less likely to engage in irresponsible behavior off base that would put the officer’s focus on work at risk. Harry as of late has been working hard at setting his personal life on more stable footing. The hard partying prince has been notorious for his off-base antics and as a result, has hurt his credibility as a soldier and prince who is genuinely interested in the less fortunate. He conceptualized and worked hard at organizing and successfully seeing the Invictus Games make their debut to a public that showed such enthusiasm that a discussion about launching the Games in other countries commenced almost immediately after. The prince since his breakup with socialite Cressida Bonas has left him single, but still enjoying the club culture and the company of dozens of potential lovers, but he’s been known to refrain from an interest in taking any of them back to his palace bedroom with him for a night between the royal sheets. This new slow evolution of the prince shows that Harry is now determinedly moving towards a new domestic life and prefers to make a marriage based on more than just the more romantic ideals held by his elder brother Prince William.


Prince Harry’s more utilitarian reasons for marriage are more reminiscent of the Empire era of when royals were businesslike in their decisions regarding marriage and preferred to base who they would marry based on how to best advance the family’s interests and reach. While Harry is not likely going to marry a woman who brings him an empire or trade treaties, but he has shown a distinct difference in how he treats women from his rarified background to those he has been notorious to have flings with. Harry’s first and very serious long term relationship was with the buxom and almost brazen blonde Chelsy Davy, the daughter of Charles Davy and a former beauty queen Beverley. Chelsy attended British boarding schools from an early age, starting with girl’s school Cheltenham and from then on was effortlessly welcomed into the socially prominent set. Her past has hurt her in the eyes of the press and public, her bon vivant approach to her private life. Her father’s collaboration with vicious Zimbabwean dictator Mugabe has unsettled many, yet its bene understood that Mr. Davy has only collaborated if only to be able to retain his properties and avoid the direct and openly promoted persecution of land holding whites. Blatant confiscation of vast farming estates has resulted in a vicious backlash and the fact that Charles Davy has been known to be able to retain control of his property and business holdings makes it easily believed that Mr. Davy might be part of Mugabe’s inner circle by choice or necessity.


Family ties aside, the heiress’ free spirited approach to life and assertiveness was seen as Chelsy being more than up to the challenge of handling the volatile prince. Harry and Chelsy were known to have frequent screaming rows and relentless confrontations and the frequent splits made for excellent tabloid headlines. Chelsy and Harry allegedly had a series of trysts inside public bathroom stalls on tropical beaches and because of her wealth and connections, the blonde heiress never felt threatened about losing Prince Harry, worrying that if she lost the prince, she would lose everything. She had (and still has) her own position in the international social scene and because of her family wealth, never felt pressure to keep him happy at all times to ensure that she would marry well. Since they met in 2004 (while Chelsy was attending Stowe School) they were considered almost a sure bet for marriage. Unlike the more conventionally conformist Kate, Chelsy spent much of her time overseas and independent, leaving Harry to pursue his military career and friendships with his London social set unhindered by expectations of an early marriage. Chelsy gained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the prestigious University of Cape Town and in 2009 earned a law degree from Leeds University. With multiple degrees the heiress showed the world that she was not going to wait her twenties out in expectation that Harry would make her his wife and consort. Being fun-loving, she willingly deferred the beginning of her legal career for two years and indulged in good times with Harry. Yet, in 2011 the relationship faltered and the couple broke it off for good and reportedly Harry and Chelsy remain friendly acquaintances.

For a brief time it looked like that Harry had begun a quiet affair and blossoming relationship with Pippa Middleton, the sister of Kate Middleton, (who on her wedding became Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) and it was believed that Pippa and Harry were communicating via text messaging. During the aftermath of the wedding ceremony and balcony appearance, Pippa and Harry were seeming to openly flirt with each other, but despite the fact that Harry and Pippa walked out of Westminster Abbey arm in arm and in that there was open speculation that Pippa might marry Harry and pull off a spectacular double match (“Double Duchess” being the slang term being thrown around in the possible anticipation of Pippa marrying Prince Harry), Prince Harry himself openly rejected any idea with the open declaration that he was “one hundred percent single” and thus deciding to publicly scupper any possibility of Pippa being involved romantically with him, much less a serious contender for his hand in marriage. Such a public rejection reportedly embarrassed the energetic socialite, who reportedly had such a possible chance in mind when she wouldn’t invite her long term boyfriend Alex Loudon to the wedding as a guest of hers and an escort to her sister’s wedding reception. The public speculation and very possibility of a chance at a serious relationship with Prince Harry damaged her existing relationship with Alexander Loudon permanently and Harry’s blunt public denial caused considerable humiliation for Pippa.


Such a blunt and heavy handed move was a significant sign that the prince would not tolerate any public pressure to become seriously involved in any relationship. He was amiable about it, but the bluntness of it reportedly startled the perennial matchmaker Carole (the mother of Duchess Catherine and Pippa) out of her complacency and drew a line that Pippa realized she would not be able to cross. It’s known that the Middletons were active in promoting their older daughter Kate as a perfect wife and consort for William, with various columnists writing frequent, glowing articles about how (as each year passed) close and certain it was that William would make Kate his wife. Behind Harry’s more carefree approach it was seen that Harry would be in charge of his own personal life, single or in a relationship and he would not be manipulated or pressured into making anyone a girlfriend, much less a wife. Insiders reported that Harry became incensed at Duchess Kate’s interference; supposedly the Duchess was in fact making lists, viewing backgrounds of eligible single ladies, putting herself in a position of authority over Harry’s love life, which caused a serious fracture in the closeness between Harry and William. It’s no secret that nothing would make the Duchess of Cambridge happier than to see Harry dating and eventually marrying her sister Pippa, but Harry has made it clear that his personal life remains his, not under his sister-in-law’s imaginary jurisdiction. Harry admires and has a sincere affection for Catherine, but his boundaries are firmly established in his private life. Kate’s dislike of Chelsy was another minor bone of contention between the younger brother of William and William’s new wife.


Since the breakup between Harry and Chelsy, Harry drifted romantically, having fleeting affairs with a series of television personalities and an apparent short term affair with Florence Brudenell-Smith, an affluent connected peripheral member of his social set. Florence is an upper class lingerie model with several modeling contracts on her resume; her good connections and publicity from her relationship with Harry assured her additional work. It was fleeting and the successful model continues with her career to this day. Harry had several flings with females who frequent the London club scene and these anonymous ladies were not considered long term prospects by the prince, who continued to view several women with dismissiveness that made palace courtiers unnerved that Harry might be set in dissolute ways. While William was settled and married, with an heir of his own on the way, Harry continued to leave a string of romantic conquests and made it clear that his playboy ways were firmly established and he would not be settling down into a serious relationship, much less marriage, any time soon. With his brother married and having a child, Harry’s stature in the succession was moved to the bachelor prince becoming only fourth in line, not third as he used to be. With a second child coming, Prince Harry will be removed to fifth in line, a place held previously by Princess Eugenie (who is now going to become the seventh in line once the second child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is born) and is now under no substantial pressure to marry.


After drifting around Harry settled into a confirmed and publicly shown relationship with upper class 22 year old Cressida Bonas, introduced (allegedly) by Princess Eugenie of York and nurtured by Princess Beatrice. She was not immediately noticeable due to her bohemian casual ways and habit of dressing in an almost shabby manner and her lack of congenial responsiveness made photographers uncertain over whether or not she was indeed a serious part of Harry’s life or if she would be just one of many attractive upper class girls engaged in a brief affair. The pretty blonde 22 year old fit the profile often noticed by royal watchers in regards to who the prince prefers to treat seriously as an official, serious girlfriend and romantic intimate. For an aristocrat, Cressida fits the profile. Despite a lack of title, the blonde is a part of Harry’s upper crust circle in her own right and even for a member of his set, is very intimately connected to the royal family via the affectionate friendship that the York princesses have with Cressida. Cressida’s mother, Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon was a major force in the upper class London social scene during the sixties, a darling of high society who wasn’t known for just her considerable beauty and charm, but her string of numerous lovers and a love life that generated into chaos. After working at a variety of fashionably unneeded jobs her love life took priority, a love life that resulted in five children from three out of four husbands, her unorthodox and scandalous lifestyle climaxed when she posed for a coffee table book that showed her smeared in grease and topless. Her father by comparison comes from a respectably humble background of butchers and his entrepreneurial business activities have resulted in him leading a far more focused life, but the fast lane loving Lady Mary-Gaye proved incompatible and there was a divorce while Cressida was still a child.


After several months of discreet meetings and showing up separately at the events surrounding close friends, yet meeting quietly after and enjoying quiet walks and other romantic pursuits. It’s debatable that the relationship ever became physical, but the relationship started in 2012, peaked in 2013 with marriage rumors not being denied at all by the palace and a trip to Balmoral to see the Queen herself slated, to suddenly coming apart in 2014 with an announcement from friends of the couple via leaks to the press. The couple went to concerts and other events with the York princesses (who were working merrily at moving the romance along), but it oddly unraveled and has since remained over. Unlike Chelsy Davy, the pretty (now 24 years old) blonde remains a firm favorite friend of the York princesses and might be secretly pining for a second chance. Cressida is confirmed to be starring in a major motion picture with legendary actress Dame Judi Dench and there are rumors that Cressida might become a highly successful actress because of all the exposure and the prestige of having Dench as a co-star. It is likely that if Harry were to suddenly ask for another chance with Cressida, it is likely he would be required to actually propose like Prince William did secretly to Kate in 2007 after Kate and William came together again as a couple. It would possibly be the only way for Harry to convince Cressida to give him another chance since like most young women who have dated princes, her budding career might have to take second place in favor of being at Harry’s side when Harry is available. Realistically though, Cressida might never come back after the palace engaged in a subtle smear campaign, alleging that Cressida’s neediness is what made the prince cool towards her, resulting in the breakup. The palace is known to use such techniques to protect members of the royal family from public criticism.


At this point in time, Harry is single and fancy free, but his astounding announcement that he is ready to begin finding a not just a new woman to be a significant part of his life, but in fact a bride has startled gossip columnists and the media, who has been kept largely out of the loop by Harry in the past. Prince Harry used to be fairly vague about when he would be ready to be serious about finding someone to be a wife, consort, and mother to his children who would also be his heirs. During interviews he has stated his inability to find someone who would sincerely love him for himself, to share the loneliness of royal life and duty, but such phrases and sentiments are considered by professional royal watchers to be almost cliché, but what has given watchers pause is his openness about finding someone that would be ‘useful’ to his career in the military to promote his interests among the other ambitious officers vying for promotion. Harry is a royal prince, second son of the Prince of Wales, grandson of the Queen, and brother to the future King of England, which would ensure that with a stroke of a pen he could get any rank he wishes (William is becoming openly accused of using his position to gain entrée into the RAF and be assigned whatever position he requests) and no one would be able to openly object or criticize, but Harry wishes to ensure that he is immune from such accusations and insiders are shocked that he would be so blatant over his conservative views of what he would view as wife material. It’s a far cry from his elder brother William, Duke of Cambridge, who married a commoner with no aristocratic background, no social connections in her own right, and no contacts among the courtiers. Kate’s social move up the ladder to future Queen Consort is considered unprecedented. Kate’s background has no titles and her mother Carole only moved up through her marriage to Michael Middleton (a man with a long line of solicitors in his background) from a background of growing up in Southall public housing environments with coal miners as ancestors. Harry, despite his fun loving nature, is showing himself to be far more conservative in his preferences of who his ideal wife’s background should be.


Officers who have wives that are capable of nurturing their husbands, putting together good social events and performing as successful hostesses are considered an incomparable asset to any ambitious officer and it is becoming obvious that he wishes for a wife to be able to burnish the less than elegant edges to his personality and entertain his senior officers. Certainly he, like his brother wishes for a stable family life, but the openness about his more pragmatic preferences has broken the traditional public relations rules of royal houses who wish to (at least publicly) eschew the old fashioned ideas of wishing to be involved in a relationship for any reason other than falling in love. The view of the role of a wife and consort that Harry is showing himself to hold is an opinion shared among the older members of royal families, but such pragmatism is kept behind closed doors. This open declaration that he would like a wife to promote his military career to a new level has actually caused several derisive reactions and many commentators openly point out that the prince himself is not such a great catch that any woman that Harry would in fact need is not likely to throw her life away for the life of helping Harry advance in rank and responsibilities. It’s created a small backlash against the popular prince, who many point out has several unpleasant personality traits that make him unfit to have such high expectations. The prince has been caught experimenting with drugs and still socializes with a fast crowd that has a bad habit of getting headline after headline in the newspapers for all the worst possible reasons.


What works against Prince Harry is that his increasingly unpopular sister-in-law Duchess Catherine is known for ignoring even the pretense of being interested in serious charity work and making appearances at state evening receptions. As Catherine becomes a fixture on the red carpet scene and mingles more with celebrities, it might become the responsibility of Harry’s wife and consort to take on the substantial burden of serious behind the scenes charity work while the Duchess of Cambridge indulges in her luxury loving lifestyle and aspires for a more cosmopolitan oriented role that is at odds with the importance of every member of the royal family to maintain links with the citizenry through their charity work and assist the needy in getting help the general public cannot provide. Courtiers have all but given up on trying to get the Duchess of Cambridge to take responsibility for the success of her charities and ensure diplomatic goodwill in favor of the UK and Commonwealth by attending diplomatic events such as banquets and receptions, but she’s (Catherine) is increasingly indifferent and ignoring hostile public opinion. What insiders are worried about that if Harry does find someone, that the wife of Harry will have to shoulder not just the responsibilities of a military wife (fraught with more than enough stress and tension in that role alone), but the duties that are neglected by the Duchess of Cambridge would have to be fulfilled and there’s a very real chance that Harry’s wife might be pressed into fulfilling those duties in addition to her own. With the possible surge in popularity, the wife of Harry would probably have to deal with substantial numbers of invitations sent by interested people who wish to meet and interview the new consort, along with the required lessons in deportment that would need to be learned in private. The additional demands placed to fulfill the worthy aims of Catherine’s neglected charities would cause stress and possibly even strain the marriage.


Dealing with Duchess Catherine would prove to be a formidable difficulty. The Duchess has shown her domineering traits when in 2011 she was rumored to be searching lists for a potential wife for Harry, but it was known that Kate would prefer to see her sister on Harry’s arm as first a girlfriend, but then as a bride. Pippa made a widely popular debut on the world stage as bridesmaid and as Kate left as a bride of William, Pippa left Westminster on Harry’s arm and many watchers (guests as well) noticed that as Carole left at the side of Prince Charles, Carole was eyeing Harry speculatively and it became a clear reality that Carole would like to see Pippa dating and then marrying Harry, thus pulling off a sisterly ‘Double Duchess’ coup that would place both sisters close to the throne. Kate tried to strategically place her sister in the royal circle by attempting to get Pippa hired into the royal household as a lady-in-waiting, but it was mooted and the newly minted Duchess was left unable to help her sister forge any romantic link with the newly single Harry. By the end of 2011 William and Kate were gently ordered to move into Kensington Palace, mainly because the Duchess was unwilling to respect the formal family boundaries that royals live by to ensure that there are no disruptions in the routines of the royals. As time passed, the ducal couple would do appearances with Prince Harry and Kate would cause quiet jokes through her overtly, almost exaggerated, affectionate behavior towards Harry. It reached a peak in 2012 when during the Olympics Kate’s inexplicable behavior caused vilely salacious gossip that the Duchess was in the middle of a royal love triangle. William reportedly lost his temper with his wife, but Kate hasn’t refrained from making it clear that she would be involved in Harry’s personal life whether or not it pleased William. The very real nature of Kate’s unhealthy fixation on Harry means that any woman who dates, much less marries Harry might have to deal with occasional interference from Kate. As future Queen Consort, Kate holds a senior position in the royal family and will in fact be able to have a final say over who Harry’s wife is able to hire and will likely have strong opinions and will enjoy precedence in the Court.


Any woman who marries into the struggling Windsor dynasty would have to deal with not just the scrutiny that is de rigueur for any young woman who accompanies a prince (as wife or girlfriend), but with the changing family dynamics and delicate family situation that surrounds the reality that the Queen is indeed aging, passing more duties to Prince William, and there is a renewed possibility that the former wife of Prince Andrew of York might in fact be welcomed back into the royal fold. Just recently the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, known widely as “Fergie,” was invited to spend time at the main house of the castle Balmoral, a striking show of acceptance after almost thirty years of rejection since the 1992 divorce. Fergie has made no secret of her determination to remain attached to Prince Andrew and through her close (almost domineering) relationship with her daughters and various high profile business ventures, she has retained a presence in the life of her ex-husband. Despite the new show of royal favor, there is no belief that the Queen would allow Fergie back into the royal fold unless Prince Philip were to predecease her. Prince Philip remains antagonistic and hostile to Fergie, a sentiment shared among the courtiers who secretly prefer to keep Fergie out of the royal family and prefer to see Fergie removed from Royal Lodge. The scandal prone ex-royal duchess has long been an annoying sideshow to the courtiers, who resent that the royal family is essentially still taking care of Fergie, despite the fact that she is not entitled to remain living on royal properties because legally she is not a member of the royal family.


Yet, despite it, Fergie, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie retain close ties and have made it clear that they are determined to have their mother in their life. The Princesses are also responsible for the courtship between Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas and the two princesses make for a formidable duo in the royal circle. For someone to marry Harry, Harry’s new wife would have to deal with the uncomfortable reality that the York princesses would have preferred someone else, specifically, Cressida as a bride for Harry. While there might not be overt hostility or deliberately created difficulties, the knowledge that there is resentment could cause discomfort and tension. A younger and even far more glamorous wife of Harry could in fact cause public opinion to shift all the more against the idea of a future where the York princesses play an officially recognized (and paid) role as representatives of the Crown. William and Catherine have fallen woefully short of expectations and as a result, palace insiders are pondering the idea of allowing Beatrice to be a part time working royal, dividing her time between a practical career and a schedule of a working representative of the Crown. One way for the York princesses to ensure their own income from the Crown would be to have a woman of their choosing on Harry’s arm as his wife, a woman who would also work to ensure their own security for the future. A glamorous and hardworking consort married to Harry would in fact make the princesses more of a liability than an asset and chances would be that Prince Charles would in fact follow through on his plans to cut the Duke of York and his family off of the support system (mainly financial) of the royal family.


Aside from personal family issues, Harry is stuck in between two polar opposites where his choice of bride might come from. At his age, normal middle class young women are unavailable simply through the reality that at by the time they reach thirty, women who are required by circumstances to make their own way in the world are firmly established and would not be willing to jeopardize their careers for the miniscule possibility that Prince Harry would seriously consider marrying them. While Duchess Kate was hyped as a normal middle class girl, the reality is that Kate’s parents were affluent enough to send their eldest daughter to an expensive and prestigious university (St. Andrews), provide her with an ample allowance, and avoid the burden of having to pay off any student loans. During her summers and gap year (after graduation) Kate enjoyed going on expensive vacations with Prince William. If not for her family wealth and other resources, it’s quietly agreed among the public and media that Kate might have had to earn her living and not be available for Prince William’s demands that she be ready to go on trips or make appearances with him. William’s schedule was set in stone, but on occasion he would call her up and to many she was essentially William’s employee, a beck and call girl who he would expect to be available to him at any and all times. Harry could pursue the route of courting and dating an untitled but well off young woman, but the realistic idea of success is debatable since the Duchess of Cambridge, who comes from the same kind of background has had problems accepting the all-encompassing responsibilities that consorts are supposed to take on behind closed doors. Despite being William’s girlfriend for a full decade, Kate has (in the almost unanimous view of palace insiders and public opinion) showed herself to be irresponsible and often well in over her head socially when she does participate in rare appearances at official receptions. Many palace officials believed that after a decade of knowing the royal ways through her long term relationship with William and the fact that Kate as a child grew up learning fully about the monarchy as a part of her life as a British subject, Kate would be more than ready and prepped to take on charities and do flawless public appearances. There is a very real fear that if Harry marries someone unused to royal life that the courtiers and aides will have to spend numerous hours and days teaching a new incoming royal wife the basics and worrying that the new wife will still make gaffes and look foolish, while suffering adjustment problems that can trigger other disorders (like bulimia or anorexia).


An upper class lady, well connected, titled, and well trained in etiquette would make for an effortless transition to royal life, yet ironically, the memory of Diana still haunts modern history in who princes would prefer to take for a royal wife, which is why Harry might have twice as much a harder time finding a wife from among the upper echelons. A titled aristocrat would understand and hopefully be able to blend in to this dynamic, but modern preferences have permeated even the titled set and even back to the days of Prince Charles, when the British royal family’s standing was at its zenith, titled ladies disliked the idea of marrying into the royal family and dealing with disproportionate pressures that would accompany the position. Harry’s image is that of a far more egalitarian, carefree young man than his brother (who has been losing his down to earth image as a People’s Prince) and with his louche partying ways, makes him more a target for club hopping groupies than a well-bred young lady from a ‘good’ (aka titled) family. Young ladies of the aristocracy are frequently snapped indulging in all the clubs, but they have their limits and often marry fairly young or develop interests that evolve into business and then these entrepreneurial ladies would balk at giving it all up just to marry into the House of Windsor.


Instead of viewing marriage and a ‘great match’ as living well without being on the hands of their brothers and family for material support, upper class young women prefer to now build their own businesses and set up their own charitable organizations. Aware of how their mothers and grandmothers were often stuck in loveless marriages, married in order to survive materially as well as socially, the young women of these days prefer to go to school, get a good degree, and then end up living independently for a substantial number of years, either settling down in their thirties or preferring to end up not marrying at all. The royal family is notoriously close-knit to the point of being similar to a cult, with everyone, even those who marry in, treated as outsiders and held at a polite arm’s length, something agreed upon by numerous, diverse, biographers. Courtiers who work hard to promote and protect the royal family are treated as ‘the enemy’ and it has made courtiers increasingly resentful that the royals use them to protect themselves (the royals) from the consequences of their errors, but treat the courtiers (the majority of who are aristocrats by birth) as enemies not to be trusted. The recent light tarring of Cressida Bonas, Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend as ‘needy’ only confirmed many reservations that many upper class parents would have at their own daughter marrying into the royal house. Harry, despite his good looks and amiable charm, is still very boyish in many emotional aspects of his character and his foibles are at age thirty wearing thin. Before the wedding of William to Kate, Harry was caught among a set of aristocrats going to a nightclub called “The Box,” a place where deviant sexual acts are performed on stage, also including in the sexual freak show a clown using a blowtorch and it’s believed that intercourse for hire is available, with waitresses half naked and there is the consensus that the prince has a taste for more than just taking women home to the palace. Insiders among the royal set have come to an opinion that the real, very real, problem may be with Harry himself.


During his relationship with Cressida Bonas, the prince was enjoying a spell of substantial goodwill and increased prestige in the public eye, but he threw it all away on a much publicized 2013 May scandal when he was reported on as enjoying a full blown borderline bacchanalian orgy with a dozen women in a Las Vegas hotel. It blew his good image to pieces and the unpublished photographs reportedly showed full frontal photographs of the prince naked. All of Harry’s work for his charities and his brief service of combat in Afghanistan were overshadowed by the scandal, also putting his relationship with Cressida Bonas to the test. While Cressida laughed off the prince’s antics as a young man sowing wild oats, the courtiers were yet again exasperated that Harry had put himself in a situation where he would be vulnerable to being blackmailed by a party goer (via a threat to sell the photographs of him naked) and worse, putting himself in a high risk situation for attack. Terrorists have been known to use women as agents (Chechen ‘black widows’ being one example) and the prince’s recklessness in allowing complete strangers into his hotel room by the dozens, without being vetted by security officers caused even more frustration at his perverse determination to set himself up for very real harm. Protection officers guarding the royals are among the best in the world, but even the best security protection needs the cooperation of the client. The prince’s refusal to adhere to the guidelines and protocols only leaves the protection officer with additional duties, when the main and only duty is for the officer to protect the royal they are assigned to guard. The courtiers were allegedly testy at how everyone in the prince’s entourage was held responsible, all but the prince himself who was known to have been the main instigator of the festivities. Without Harry’s permission, there is no way that Harry’s staff and friends who go with the prince on these trips would have invited any one of these women to his hotel suite. Prince Harry’s past shows that he has the ability to pull his life together, only to ruin it completely with a self-destructive act that causes all the work that the courtiers do to rehabilitate his image to fall to pieces.


Harry’s cold and open declaration that he will prefer to marry someone who will help him advance in the military is a sign that the prince has a coldly pragmatic approach, an approach that will put off just the sort of woman that he would need. As a prince the courtiers serve him with the sincere belief that he is put where he is by God, but there is still a consensus that Harry as a person isn’t going to be someone that a smart and sensible young woman with a sincere work ethic will not want to put up with a husband who is both reckless and unstable with a streak for self-sabotage. His elitism is at odds with the actuality of what little he would in fact bring to any relationship and he’s currently in a catch-22 position, his struggle will continue in finding his ideal match.