Despite Early Expectations, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Show Themselves as Less Groundbreaking, More Regressive Than Modern In Their Royal Way of Life



  1. sholux said:

    Kate’s never worked a day in her life and she’s 32 years old! I don’t understand why anyone would expect her to suddenly take it up just because she married into the royal family. She’s a person who only knows how to vacation, shop, and screw William and that last part is now questionable as the details of just where he resides on a daily basis, seem a little murky. She’s a complete waste of space.

  2. WoW said:

    I for one, have never gotten all of the hype over her. Her looks and clothes are not that great. She’s built like a teen boy and her skin and makeup are awful.

  3. B Allen said:

    Guided behind the scenes by her mother, it appears the former Ms . Middleton all but prostituted herself to get and retain Prince William’s attention. Oh my goodness, can’t believe I made that comment about a woman groomed and guided by a mother who was keen on entering the public domain no matter what it took. Had she and her daughter used such tactics on a regular member of university students they would have viewed as stalkers.

    • royalgossippsychotic said:

      You know, I’ll never understand why William never connected the dots, anyone else would have been sick of her a long time ago.

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