Kate Continues to Enjoy Lavish Lifestyle Despite Consensus Among Royal Court and Disgruntled Public that Kate is not Contributing in Proportion to Her Spending; Is Kate Becoming the Duchess of Cashbridge?

            Duke William and Duchess Kate are triggering a major backlash from an increasingly poverty stricken world of the taxpayers with the open enjoyment of privileged royal prerogatives by the ducal couple. It’s been a contradictory two years since the ducal couple married. On one hand they made a fabulous debut on the world stage, but in Britain, through their increasing negligence of their duties and responsibility to appear before the public, the impression they are sending is that they are too busy to spend public money to spend time with the public.

            This enjoyment of the privileged royal lifestyle has its roots during the time when Kate first got involved with William back in St. Andrews. Unlike William, Kate had a comfortable upbringing with well off, indulgent parents who ensure she would want for nothing while at university, but it was nothing compared to the lifestyle that was led by the royal family. They had met in class due to the fact that both had planned to major in History of Art, but that acquaintance became strained after William switched his major to Geography to better understand the geography of the world he would travel on behalf of the Crown. She became part of his set, not the center, but close enough to observe the way St. Andrews went out of their way to accommodate William to ensure his safety and privacy and see how he and his friends enjoyed privileges beyond anything that she had otherwise seen.

            William’s royal life has been on of contradictions in the way he has lived, particularly the odd and intriguing way the royal family has balanced the comforts they enjoy recreationally and the comforts they enjoy while traveling around the world. The royals have lived in a lavishness of surroundings according to medieval standards, in palaces decorated by generations of royals who have lived before him and the modern pampering that many of the world’s wealthiest enjoy when traveling for business or on vacation. William has had the experience of both combined and this has inured him to seeing his life the way others who live more modestly view his environment.

His aristocratic circle live just as grandly and have just as high expectations in how they are groomed to maintain the family traditions and estates, take their lives just as for granted, no matter how career oriented many of them are, careers being a modern way of passing time until they are called upon to inherit both their titles and responsibilities. As a result a lot of them have had problems not just relating to normal people, but how normal people see their lifestyle. Unlike William who is used to the many privileges as tools to be used as either a reward for hard graft or way to impress a visiting delegate, many Britons see the privileges as tools used by the royal family for pleasure and entertainment, a viewpoint that has been reinforced by many of the York family antics.

Kate continued to move in the fringes of the social set, dating a variety of young men, among them the notable Rupert Finch who later left St. Andrews to go to a different university and Kate, liking St. Andrews, decided to stay. Meanwhile William dated a fellow member of his set, a sweet country girl named Carly Massy-Birch; Carly had the humorous honor of being known as having ‘the best bottom of first year students’ and it lasted for several weeks with Carly making the prince pasta dinners regularly.

The end of the relationship was friendly and the Prince and Carly remain friends. Kate had two known former lovers, one being Willam Marx (who has since gone on to work as a journalist covering the military operations conducted in Iraq) and she was currently dating Rupert Finch (who has since become a lawyer). Despite the whitewashing of her romantic history, Kate was known to be very friendly to the gentleman who surrounded her, even once working as a member of an all female crew for wealthy executives/playboys during one summer.

            It wasn’t until she had sashayed down the runway at the student charity show that William noticed her as more than a fringe member of his set and apparently after discreet inquiries as to whether or not she had a discreet personality, William’s close friend Fergus reassured the prince and from then on, the courtship began. Kate and William kept their relationship a secret except among the most trusted of the prince’s friends, moving Kate to the center of the prince’s focus. Kate’s sister Pippa is believed to be the only member of the Middleton family who was aware that there was a romantic relationship, the rest of the Middletons believing that it was a close friendship, nothing more.

Kate, like other students, had lived in one of the many dorm rooms and while the Queen was fine with William moving off campus, there was a brief moment when the Queen wasn’t sure if letting friends move in with William was a good idea for reasons of security. St. Andrews had worked hard at great expense to create reinforced doors and bulletproof windows added to the dorm where the student prince would be living. Being that Kate had recently become his girlfriend, William decided to invite Kate to live with him.

            “The Queen was initially against the idea of William moving off campus, since the university had gone to a great deal of trouble to secure the premises and ensure that he would have as normal an experience as possible as a student, which was a main reason he wanted to go to St. Andrews,” whispers an insider, “but him moving off campus was considered a somewhat sensible move in the end and the Queen gave her permission hoping it would make the student prince more sociable with the villagers and prep him for public life, unfortunately that did not become the case.”

In a move that unsettled William’s circle of friends, the newly developing relationship swiftly moved to another level when Kate moved in with William and a few handpicked friends into an off campus flat. Kate became ensconced in the bosom of William’s university home life and began to cosset him, recreating the home environment she had enjoyed as a child. As a result, William enjoyed the domestic arrangements of a home environment he had never experienced. William, enamored of Kate’s cosseting, ignored the outside world when he wasn’t at school, causing concerns that the prince was cutting himself off from his friends that often acted as a secure support network to help the prince and keep him connected to student life, the point of university.

 Despite the early familiarity, Kate was still new to the central social world of William’s life and friends weren’t sure if William was making the right choice in getting intimately involved so soon and letting Kate get so involved in his private social life that closely blended with his royal life. Kate started to tag along as William went about his social life and became something of a royal groupie, making things mildly tense among his set he had known since birth and friendships he had developed at Eton. Kate was a lot of fun, but it wasn’t just a lack of pedigree, but a lack of knowing anything about her. As a result his established set wasn’t sure how to regard her. She was his girlfriend, but they noticed that she got too comfortable in William’s regal standard of vacationing.

There were ruffled palace feathers when the palace heard the news that William had allowed his girlfriend of a few weeks to move in with him, seen as both a moral failing on the part of the future Head of the Church of England and an unhealthily fast step in view of the fact that William was choosing such a person unknown to the palace to move in with him. The Queen gave consent to the move and paid for the rent of the flat and the set up of secure reinforcements, but the Queen was startled to hear that Kate had moved in, before the palace had a chance to know and run a background check to ensure that she would not be a threat to his safety or bring unsavory types around him. The usually thrifty Queen was also annoyed that she wasn’t paying for just her grandson and a couple of equally wealthy friends, but also a young woman who, with no previous ties, had apparently insinuated herself into her grandson’s personal life.

Yet, Kate was ensconced and had begun to go to holidays on the prince’s dime and once she was touted as the prince’s official girlfriend, there was no way to extract her from the house where she lived with William without causing a potential fuss. If Kate had been kicked out for not paying her own way, the palace would have been seen as being snobbish and greedy while to move her back on campus would cause the press to become determined to find out more and potentially disrupt campus life while trying for photos and paying for information. So Kate remained in the cottage and continued her studies while adjusting to notoriety.

The fact that Kate wasn’t paying any rent or other expenses became a source of awkward resentment, since Kate was already beginning to show she felt she was right where she belonged and even benefited from William’s agreement with the press to not ask students for information and pictures and as a result, Kate was protected by proxy from media intrusion. To many friends of the prince, this was a worrying signal that showed a possible future tendency to purloin things that were granted to the prince by the Queen for herself, already taking certain royal prerogatives upon herself for her own benefit. As the relationship continued, she started to get into the habit of staying as close to the prince as possible during social gatherings, acting mildly territorial. This, combined with a tendency to enjoy too much the lifestyle the prince was engaging in while on holiday, convinced some that Kate was going from groupie to greedy.

Nothing surprised the aristocrats than when Kate was among the invited to Buckingham Palace to celebrate the milestone of his 21st birthday party. She wasn’t listed officially as his date, but it was general knowledge that Kate and the prince enjoyed an intimate life off campus. She attended with several friends and became so enamored that she was wide-eyed at the first experience of the royal family’s private celebrations. Few Britons have been past the gated entrance to the intimate private areas of the palace and she was apparently eager to enjoy herself. Yet, Kate had problems starting from the fact that outside of St. Andrews, William wasn’t making her his first priority. The many other aristocrats had heard of her and had heard that she had been enjoying free housing at palace expense and there were a lot of courtiers who had already established bad opinions of her.

William spent the entire evening chatting with his best friend Jecca Craig and Kate apparently spent the night fuming at what she viewed as a major snub. By then she was used to being the center of his attention (attention increasingly fixated on her and not his studies) and reportedly left in a furious huff. Later William had the palace publicly deny any romance between Jecca and himself, something that was unprecedented, something done to placate Kate. He also indulged her in another holiday where he pampered her and apparently they made up. During this time Kate became protected from the press since it was then clear that William and Kate were serious about each other and William wanted to prevent his beloved from being harangued by the media. It wasn’t just by tacit agreement that Kate would be left alone to go about her business, but an open order that Kate enjoy the same benefits that the press had agreed to give him. As time went by, she vacationed with him, went on weekends to country estates with him, and was this time a firmly established girlfriend and a kind of university consort to him.

 In time his friends noticed that she went from enjoying, to expecting the best rooms and when she stood with him, expected to have others defer to her and was mildly hostile to the women of the country set who didn’t defer to her apparent wish that they ask permission to speak to and spend time with William. She soon perfected what his set refers to as her now famously known ‘death stare’ and developed an annoying habit of expressing her opinions on the actions and intentions of other people. Kate’s particular sense of belonging developed from enjoying the fun times to a mildly regal attitude, which irritated several aristocrats because she often acted as if she were there in her own right, which caused friction between William and his friends, which resulted in William developing a far more distrustful and confused perspective of his longtime friends, something that caused a wave of worry that William was adopting the mistrustful alienation that often plagued his mother in her relations with the royal court.

It was obvious at that point to the courtiers and William’s aristocratic fellow students that they were dealing with either another future Fergie (the disgraced former Duchess of York) or an unusually tenacious social climber with jewels on her mind and yet, instead of demanding that Kate move out on her own, into her own apartment or back to the student dorms, the royal family tried to keep a long term perspective and decided to wait the rest of William’s university years out. In the meantime the student prince started slipping in his grades and became increasingly alienated and mistrustful while Kate enjoyed his recreational life of skiing at posh resorts and tropical beaches, joining him on a yacht and private jets. When she and William weren’t at school, they were known to be going out to clubs, sometimes flying down to London.

After graduation (where William graduated with honors) Kate moved to her own flat in London and William took up residence at Clarence House, the main residence of Prince Charles. Despite Kate’s job at Jigsaw, much of her time was spent at Clarence House where William and Kate continued their intimate relationship, sometimes dining privately in William’s suite. When not there, William would spend time with Kate at her flat or at the home of the Middleton family in Berkshire, treating Michael and Carole as surrogate parents and Pippa and James as siblings by association. Kate would work while William was in training to become an officer, but there were minor skirmishes with the media, who took the view that since his university years were over, so was the restraint that the press had chafed under for so long. After a few photographers photographed Kate on a bus, William unnerved and irritated Charles by requesting that Kate receive royal security officers of her own, but Charles outright refused (with the support of the Queen and courtiers) to provide bodyguards paid for by the state because of Kate’s status as a girlfriend, who was not a member of the royal family or a visiting dignitary.

William was disappointed, but was forced to accept it, but the fact that it was even suggested was considered going too far. Kate had enjoyed the benefits of being associated with the prince and it was believed that at that point Kate herself believed she should enjoy royal security officers, maintained at taxpayer expense. The fact that such a fuss had been made over harmless photographs cause the palace to realize just how used to press restraint Kate had gotten via William; it was undeniable that Kate had used William’s press agreement for herself. The idea of Kate being entitled to royal protection was making it clear that Kate wasn’t just content to be a girlfriend, but determined to enjoy the same residual media restraint that was supposed to be for William, not Kate or any others. Her outraged reaction towards the media was a clear sign that Kate was considering herself semi-royal and the creation of an odd title official girlfriend harkened in the minds of many aristocrats as the same as official mistress and caused a lot of crude remarks about just what it was that really kept William’s attention.

As royal girlfriend Kate started to enjoy the benefits of royal association, among them the free clothes from high street designer Issa and in addition to occasional discounts, she was experiencing the heady treatment that came from dating a prince. After her appearance at William’s Sandhurst graduation ceremony, she was touted as official girlfriend (something that had not been bestowed on any young woman before her) and with it came experiences that she had only tasted in her student life with William. She was accepted to the best clubs, seated in the VIP areas, and treated with extreme deference while William doted on her. It became controversial when, after 2007, William and Kate ended the relationship, but got back together with the private understanding that they would marry in after a number of years.

She quit work at Jigsaw (where she had been granted unprecedented compassionate leave) and spent the next couple of years aimlessly enjoying the lifestyle of the idle rich and famous, earning her the nickname “Waity Katie.” She continued to indulge in the VIP lifestyle as a royal by association and William became increasingly disinterested in his role of RAF rescue pilot and more reacquainted with the jet setting, freewheeling lifestyle he had enjoyed as a student. Kate was on his arm at places such as Bouji, Mahiki, and The Box, where the couple would indulge in shots of liquor and mixed drinks. During the wintry months the couple would be seen on yachts and at island paradise resorts, such as Mustique and Necker Island. When not in London clubs or at tropical retreats, Kate could be seen merrily shopping alone at her favorite shops and enjoying leisurely lunches while wait staff would hover around solicitously. Her father Michael and mother Carole continued to pay for her carefree lifestyle, because of their ownership of fairly successful party supply business Party Pieces.

Over time, her closet at her flat began to fill with free clothes given to her by designer Issa and she enjoyed a steady stream of new designs, providing free international advertising since Kate was so frequently photographed by the press and seen by the public around the world. This blatant enjoyment of the gratuities were seen by insiders as an exploitation by Kate of her ‘position’ as ‘official girlfriend’ of the prince (seen by some as a similarity of the age old position of ‘official mistress’ that mistresses of past kings held) and had resulted in the termination of relationships in the past, but oddly William saw it was harmless and continued to date Kate.

It is not apparent that William told the palace of his promise to marry Kate, but if he had, there is uncertainty as to whether or not Kate would have listened to warnings to not act in ways that might be seen as benefiting from her current status and learning restraint would have prepared her for her future status. Since there is no definitive proof that the palace was informed of William’s choice, it can be safely assumed that Kate was not told anything since surely a word from the palace would have resulted in Kate sending many free things back. Or not. By 2010 it was well established that Kate was openly benefiting from her position as ‘official girlfriend’ and William was either unaware of what the public was seeing or there was an overly indulgent side of him that was certainly enabling her to get away with what past girlfriends of princes in the past never got away with.

Enjoying the perks that come from royal association is practically an ancient tradition, but a tradition held by mistresses, not potential wives and had made many courtiers seriously wonder just what it was that William was thinking, letting it go on. It’s no secret that the Duchess of Cornwall, while still mistress to the Prince of Wales, enjoyed the jewels and comforts that being a mistress brought, but that was mainly because Camilla was abiding by the prerogatives of being a mistress, not a potential or future wife and there was still surprise that Camilla even got the ring. One insider states bluntly “Kate’s free acceptance of the material benefits of royal association was seen that she was getting well compensated for her ‘services’ if you see what I’m trying to say. It ill behooves a young lady who wants to be taken seriously as decent if she’s seen accompanying, to put it delicately, William to these places and then later on getting mounds of dresses and discounts on leases for luxury cars.” Kate’s open acceptance and what was seen as a rapidly developing sense of entitlement of privilege simply by being his girlfriend began to cause resentment among William’s set mainly since many of them were sometimes chided just for being seen to benefit from friendship with the prince.


  1. Angelique said:

    Great article. I’m glad Bill’s goons don’t scare you.
    I’ve watched the BRF for some time and your observations about Bill and Wasty are almost identical to my own. Wasty seems a bit too opportunistic. Does anyone know if she had contributed something towards the pretty clothes and cars. Did she ever do anything to compensate?
    Any caring mother would have stopped this kind of behavior in a second. What mother wants her daughter to look as if she has been bought?

    • royalgossippsychotic said:

      I’m an American; thankfully our Founding Fathers (BIG SHOUT OUT TO THEM!) knew them for what they were and got us out of that family’s control.

  2. sue said:

    Why is everbody shocked about waity going to her skinny, self, for god sake this woman has absoultely NOTHING TO DO, a part from excercising the whole day, ……….

  3. halia.amarelo@gmail.com said:

    I agree 100% everything that has been said on this website!

  4. Betsy said:

    William is a FOOL to marry such a woman who is Lazy, bland, uninspiring, selfish, skinny, he is a prince for god sake, he should have looked and gotten the best of the best in uk or outside, other european prince are not FOOLS they have married ACCOMPLISHED WOMEN, queen maxima, CP mary of denmark, even princess charlene an olympic swimmer is out of her league, she has done hundreds of engagements in and out of monaco sometimes without her husband, gracefully, her fashion is superb, and can speak well, unlike WAITY, this middleton woman nothing can ever happen, so sad!!!!

  5. cate said:

    just some remarks about so called “aristocrats” – my observation is that most titled people in the UK are 1) broke and have nothing but a title – they otherwise work like the rest of us. They have no land, no great estate. The current Earl of Essex – descendant of Elizabeth I’s lover – is a headmaster. Scottish Dukes work as reps for whiskey companies . 2) some titled people do still retain grand family homes and/or land – but they have to work their butts off to keep that home/land. They live in apartments in the big houses while the rest of the home is let out for weddings, tourists and conventions. The Moncktons have a safari park on their estate – even the Percy’s have let out their grand London home and their gardens are shilled endlessly to provide tourist income. So the titled class is not so aristocratic or wealthy or living luxuriously as one might imagine. There are exceptions – the Duke of Westminster for one – but in general – the titled aristocrats are broke or working hard. Most of them got their titles from wealthy merchant ancestors who bought the title. The Dukes of Northumberland are a great example – the noble house of Percy ended in 1766 when the last male died. The title went extant. But a surviving Percy female married a wealthy businessman who changed his name to Percy and then bought back the title “Duke of Northumberland”. if the Middletons had been around in the 1700 or 1800’s – they too would have bought a title or married into an impoverished titled family – so Kate is doing nothing that all these alleged aristo’s did not do a few generations ago.

    The idea of some distinct aristocratic titled British class is a myth. The elite class in the UK now is much like it is everywhere – bankers, financiers, industrialists. They have the power and wealth – they are the influential class not some countryman with a title holding on to a drafty big house – half of which is shut down because they cannot afford to heat it.
    The sons and daughters of these banker types are the ones who hang around Harry and Willy – Inskip being an example – the son of a stockbroker.

    This I think is the problem with Harry and Willy – they do not hang with some old aristocratic class – they hang with the sons and daughters (largely) of bankers etc – the equivalent of what in the US is called the “Wall Street Masters of the Universe” class – the 1%. Privileged and decadent brats – the glossy posse – too much money with no sense of obligation to others – partying in clubs where they will spend in a night on booze what a typical Brit works all week to earn. They are so disconnected from the traditions and obligations of the old titled class – they think public relations and the occasional charity event is all it takes to keep their privileged position. The difference between Harry and Wills and their friends is that H and W aren’t hedge fund managers. Esentially do nothing but the occasional charity and whine about that. Harry is a working soldier – baloney – when did anyone last see Harry in a working soldiers uniform or on a military base? He is no more a working soldier than I am. He does the minimum he needs to maintain his apache certifications – and a few here and there charity events – the rest of the time he is off hunting or doing parties at country estates or clubbing. So Kate fits right in – the whole bunch of them are all “commoners”.

    What has made it clear to me that these younger royals have no sense of the seriousness or importance of the position they occupy is their preparation to assume these serious and important roles. Has either one of them – or Kate – studied the complex world of aid or international relations? Has any of them done an internship in the diplomatic service or with something like Oxfam? Do any of them speak foreign languages? Cressida is being touted as the perfect wife for Harry -her sole work experience is waitressing. If waitressing is all you need to do to assume this role – then the role really isn’t very important or demanding is it? So again – Kate fits right in – the only prep one needs for this royal lifestyle is knowing where to shop, vacation and club.

  6. Gayle said:

    They need to marry foreign women, they take their roles more seriously, look around other european monarchs they are doing well because of these foreign accomplished women

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  11. royalsareajoke said:

    TO BE CONTINUED….did I miss the second part…this is an awesome article written as truth w/o rancor. As for waity and wills they are simply oblivious to the real world. Waity didn’t pursue Willy as a man I think…she pursued the title and perceived public adoration. I think she watched Disney movies and tried to fashion herself as a pimpess (and yes, I mean pimpess)…she sold herself for a second hand ring and a title/prince who had to marry somebody….I don’t believe that Wills has any respect for her….how could he…what is there about this female that remotely deserves respect? She has made a fool of herself and the rf since coming on the scene…I think…..to me they were just a tourist attraction and source of amusement….descended from barbarians, liars, thieves, no morals to speak of, and their only claim to fame is that they swam thru the bloodbath and created a throne…and a myth….pointless lives are waity’s and will’s….waity is loving being curtsied to but she still doesn’t seem to realize that it’s no about her as a person…and even at that with her title she has become a total joke…I suspect that when the Queen dies (and despite my disdain for the ‘royals’ is an awesome lady) that the whole system will fall….it won’t matter to waity …she is married to a very wealthy man title or no title…she’s kept and doesn’t mind….I don’t think she had a baby and for sure she didn’t have HG….waity has what she wants….money, money, money, money….Wills has openly stated he wants not to be king but he for sure lets everyone know that he expects to continue his lifestyle…I really think that they don’t get it…when they visit a homeless charity and waity is bored and shows it it confirms her total lack of any connection with people…Wills has no connection with the real world but he and Harry at least try to pretend they care….waity is a woman with such a sense of entitlement that it boggles the mind…and she doesn’t know that she isn’t regarded as a person….she is simply an exhibit in a zoo with invisible fencing around her…..a creature so unusual and odd that people are fascinated and intrigued….revolted but still fascinated…..how could such a creature even think that it is nothing but a display…throw it a peanut…it won’t eat it of course…and then the zoo time is over….let’s go where the people are….

    • royalgossippsychotic said:

      I’ll be creating and publishing the second part once my schedule permits.

  12. Lakshmi said:

    When will you post part 2?????? Do post it soon!!! I love your blog by the way!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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