Courtiers and Royal Family Think Duchess of Cambridge is Increasingly Over Involved in Prince Harry’s Life!

     Duchess Kate is suspected of getting too involved in the goings on of Prince Harry’s life! The Duchess is often left on her own while husband William works at the RAF and as a result, she is suspected by the courtiers of being too interested in what is happening in Harry’s life! She came in with the eagerness to start a loving family life with William, yet, despite her intentions, she has in actuality caused royal tongues to eagerly wag as Kate has shown she isn’t as interested in her husband as she seems to be in Harry!

     The past couple of years have been causing Harry and the Royal Family to keep an increasingly wary eye on the Duchess of Cambridge’s ‘over affectionate’ behavior towards Prince Harry and an increasingly unhealthy fixation on Harry’s personal life, specifically his recent serious relationship with Cressida Bonas! The Duke and Duchess are in love and happily married, but Kate’s behavior has gone from someone who has always made sure to include Harry in the proceedings and interaction, to someone who has been inappropriately flirtatious. Kate and Harry got on fine during the wedding ceremony (causing a brief tiff after William quietly told her to stop and pay attention to the ceremony) and the reception/after party, Kate has been noted as crossing lines during the formal engagements/appearances that courtiers are keeping an increasingly wary eye on Kate’s behavior.

     The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge married in 2011 and since then, Prince Harry has often been part of their public engagements. Before the engagement announcement it was planned to launch Harry and William as two brothers working jointly to move the monarchy forward, but with the marriage, Kate has had to be squeezed into these plans, including her recent inclusion as one of the founders of the foundation originally conceived and launched by William and Harry. The upshot is that Kate is the one who has had to be made a part of things, something Harry has shown Kate she is welcome to be, but lately Kate has been acting as if it were she and William who thought of and created the foundation, not William and Harry. “She has often been suspected of viewing Harry as someone who needs to be ‘mothered,’ but unlike William Harry isn’t someone who needs to be nurtured or directed by Kate, or her family, which might make William happy, but Harry is more emotionally and psychologically independent and it’s been an annoyance, not a help,” confides a source.

     After the wedding ceremony in 2011 Kate briefly lived in Clarence House until the ducal couple moved to an apartment in Kensington Palace, but insiders state that before the move was announced, the Duchess was in the habit of frequently bursting into the rooms of Prince Harry, which ended up with her coming in to see a friend of his resting in his bed after a wild night out. While she was startled and apologetic (although nothing was happening between the prince and his friend), it ended up causing Harry to become fed up with what he viewed as an uncomfortable and chronic disruption of his quiet time when he needed to rest. His charity work is a focus and he frequently holds meetings in his office at St. James or apartments at Clarence House with fellow officials and volunteers. Between the time he is required to be on base by his superior officers or kicking back from his brisk social life, Harry has precious little quiet time and Kate was becoming a disruptive factor in his usual routine and the routines of the household.

     Kate had a hard time understanding the strict boundaries of how the royal family, although they live together, make it a point to respect the quiet times and schedules of each member and the royals make it a point to avoid possibly disrupting the concentration if work is being conducted. Plans were for the ducal couple to live in Clarence House with the intention of establishing Kate as a member of the family, but it was Charles (possibly prompted by Camilla and various courtiers) to suggest that William and Kate make their own establishment at Kensington Palace. As an incentive, the couple was granted full permission from the Queen to select any area of Kensington Palace to use as their own residence, for both official and personal use. Kate chose the former apartments of Princess Margaret, causing a charity to move and substantial modern decorative renovations to be conducted at taxpayer expense.

     Since they started making appearances as a trio Kate has made it a point to show Harry that he too is a part of the event, just as much as the ducal couple are, but it has annoyed William since as a Prince of the Blood, Harry doesn’t need Kate to make him a significant player on the royal scene. Insiders suspect that while Kate considers herself in a position to help Harry, Kate is forgetting that she is a royal duchess because of her marriage and not through birth and there is no reason for her to think Harry needs her help. It’s been considered a form of minor usurpation in the place of the relationship between William and Harry, which has been increasingly distant and formal, not the close bond they had years before. Kate has been taking up a significant amount of William’s time and attention and Harry is annoyed at how when William isn’t there, Harry is often recruited to essentially baby-sit Kate and keep her amused.

      The problem with her behavior became public when she was viewed by millions as flirting with Harry, touching his chest as her hair flew around her eyes, making her look more than sisterly towards Harry while William apparently tried to ignore the line crossing in front of him. As a prince he maintained public composure, but it was behind closed doors that he gave full vent to his anger at Kate. “He was disconcerted at how she was flirting so brazenly with Harry and it humiliated him that she wasn’t as composed as she should have been,” states an insider, “and he asked her what on earth she was thinking behaving as she did.” Kate supposedly swore it was innocent playfulness, but William told her to chill out and start acting like his wife, not like a teenybopper fan who couldn’t believe she was so close to a pop idol. Harry was publicly blamed by the press, which only caused more tension in the royal household during family gatherings, which has caused strain between family relations and the ducal couple in particular.

     Another problem has been in the area of Harry’s romantic life; it became a fertile ground for speculation as Harry seemed to single out Pippa for his focus of attention on the day of the 2011 wedding and it sparked a wildfire of intense interest in the press as to whether or not the festive flirting would result in a relationship between the two. Pippa was in a relationship with Alex Loudon, a handsome young man who had been a steady boyfriend, but it ended up becoming strained as Pippa became a global pop culture icon and the reserved Loudon had difficulties dealing with Pippa’s interest in her fame, more than she was interested in him. Pippa’s receptiveness to Harry’s jovial flirtation cause humiliation for Loudon, which was compounded by Pippa’s suspected chasing of Earl Percy, while at the same time Pippa wasn’t denying rumors of a budding romance with Harry. Kate became intrigued at the possibility and reportedly tried to get Pippa hired as her official lady in waiting, a move that would put Pippa in close frequent proximity with Harry, but it was dismissed by the palace immediately and that plan was squashed.

     Just after the marriage Kate was rumored to have been viewing lists of eligible young women and going over them, deciding which one would be a suitable match for Harry, igniting a fury among the families of the young ladies in question. It was seen as if Kate were inspecting the potential young ladies the way a person inspects horses before deciding to purchase. Given that Kate is a duchess by marriage, not even an aristocrat by birth, it first unsettled and has caused outrage. “They (the families) don’t see Kate as qualified to make any decisions about anyone and least of all decide which aristocrat or princess is suitable. Kate is after all, a commoner who didn’t even have any court connections before marriage and spent ten years chasing after William via clubs after only gaining his full attention after walking down a catwalk in lingerie, not exactly suitable by any standard to judge anyone as qualified to marry into the royal family or not,” snaps one society matron, echoing the sentiments of many of the courtiers.

     Harry publicly denied the possibility of him being involved in any romance at the time (he had just broken up with longtime girlfriend of several years Chelsy Davy) and he announced that he was “100 % single,” which was seen by Kate and her family as a public slap in the face to Kate’s romantic maneuverings. Promoting Pippa as a possible match was seen by the Court as Kate’s first attempt to direct Harry’s personal life in which she would decide who he would date and possibly marry. Despite the pressure from various tabloids to date Pippa and make Pippa a duchess (pulling off a ‘double duchess’ social coup that would thrill Carole Middleton), Harry has remained steadfastly uninterested and as a result, it was in fact the first signal that Kate wasn’t going to just sit around and do as she was told by the royal family and was going to exercise what influence she had as William’s wife in any way she saw herself as her right as wife of the future King of Britain.

     Harry has continued to lead a fairly independent life as a prince and soldier, combining his determination to serve his country and serve as a soldier (concluding two tours in Afghanistan) and work on his charities as patron and founder and has recently been maintaining a controversial romance (no one can conclude for sure if it is romantic or friendly) with aristocrat Cressida Bonas. Yet again, Kate is meddling because she dose not view Cressida as suitable and there is a wary, developing cold war between Kate and the York princesses (who have disliked her since Kate humiliated Beatrice some years ago at a charity skating event by not telling Beatrice the dress code); Eugenie has worked at getting Harry and Cressida together and Cressida is part of the social set that has kept its distance from Kate, even after she became a royal duchess in 2011. Kate keeps viewing Cressida as a bad influence, worse than Chelsy, but Harry is determinedly keeping Kate’s borderline controlling ways at bay, successfully keeping Kate out of his life, but Kate still shows that she refuses to accept that it’s not her business to run his life.

     What compounds the issue of Cressida to Kate is how despite her title and standing as newly made mother of the future King, is how the aristocracy (of which Cressida is a part of) continues to determinedly keep a distance. No aristocrats have been interested (or been able to convince to serve) in becoming a lady in waiting for Kate and none of them are interested in working for the ducal couple’s household.

     During her pregnancy there were rumors that Harry was looking after Kate, running errands and coaching her through training to handle giving birth, but that was exposed as rubbish. Harry has a busy life and is determined not to become a titled flunky, kept around to entertain Kate or provide reassurance that Kate is apparently woefully lacking. Diana had insecurities, but after a decade that has lent the royal family and courtiers wisdom, they view Diana’s insecurities as having been completely natural for someone who was thrown into her life immediately, but at Kate’s age and substantial life experience, has only caused large amounts of exasperation and courtiers have failed to convince William to put an end to coddling Kate and make her do her duty. It’s a source of major frustration among the court that the engagements the older royals are increasing in scope and amount, but Kate is decreasing her duties and still failing to do her job properly. “She has all the time and energy to shop and travel and meddle in Harry’s life, but she isn’t energetic enough to work and hasn’t bothered to remember all she was taught during her engagement and post wedding adjustment period” seethes an enraged member of royal staff.

     “Kate is making the mistake of believing that just because she has the title, that she automatically has authority over various members of the royal family by right of her marriage and has caused some hotheaded arguments between the royals. The royal family doesn’t directly attack Kate overtly, but she is resented because she is seen as forgetting her place in the pecking order. Despite her future as Queen consort, the born members of the royal family remind her in little ways that they aren’t going to defer to her in any area,” states one insider who works at the palace. Yet, she seems determined to carry on her agenda to interject her influence into Harry’s personal life choices while determinedly dominating his attention during engagements at the expense of supporting her husband.

     Her determination to interfere in Harry’s life has caused more personal chaos the royals have been trying to avoid and her neglect of her duty to make appearances have created a reputation of frivolousness for the duchess that the courtiers are trying to fix. “Kate’s inability to focus on her own work while obsessing over Harry has been causing unprecedented tension in royal family dynamics,” informs an insider. “Kate’s lack of work is triggering a public backlash with the nickname Duchess Doolittle making frequent appearances in the comments section of the newspapers and her lack of charitable involvement has caused debate among her charities about discreetly dropping her as patron.” To be dropped by her charities would be a huge blow to her fragile reputation as a working member of the royal family.

      After an unhappily tumultuous Jubilee year (a disappointing Jubilee and the nude scandal) the RF has been trying to reconnect as a family and avoid scandal, but Kate has been seen among the royal circle and public as ignoring the painful lessons that 2012 should have taught her, to know when to respect royal boundaries and carry on in the professional sphere of royal public life.

  1. susan said:

    Like mother like daughter, carole colluded with her daughter to make sure she gets the ring, now waity is colluding and i am sure with her mother to get cressida out of the way, let sit back and enjoy, THE FALL OF THE MIDDLETRASH!!

  2. Chal...Cha said:

    Kate must learn to be a good Krama(mean doing by Buddhist ‘s practice)..she wasn’t kindfullness to upgrade her minds like a princess minds…and she was a problem in her future about royal life..Kate was pour on kindness..and envy in her minds…
    maybe william wasn’t happy in his long life drama of Kate….The Next envy…duchess doolittle…and her envy ‘s middletoon family…

  3. Melia Windsor said:

    Wills should have had more sense. What a joke. Ridiculous. Loves herself.

  4. Margaret said:

    You can’t believe everything you read and I guess that a lot of this is hearsay and maybe imagination. That’s not to say that I didn’t see for myself how Kate flirted with Harry on the Palace balcony at the Jubilee. I also saw how hurt William looked. Is she trying to run Harry’s life though? I can’t see Harry allowing her within an inch of having a say in who he dates as he’s staunchly independent. I also hope it’s not true that the two brothers aren’t as close as they used to be. After losing their mother they grew very close and this should last all their lives.

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